Saturday, December 15, 2007

disney on the dark side?

i got a sleeper from my visiting teaching companion with pooh bear on it... didn't think twice to look at the size cuz it looked like it would fit lily really well.. and it did.. it is slender like her and just the right length.. today i looked and its sized 6-9 mos! lily still fits in her 0-3 mo outfits! shes only 11 or so lbs. this quickly reminded me of my disney anti family theory... there are only 3 disney movies i can think of that have a nuclear family as its focus... hercules, 101 dalmations and kind of peter pan (but not really at the focus and they run away from that family). now there are probably more but i can't think of any... also, like lily's outfit, look at the women in these movies! they would fit in lily's outfit... minus their boobs of course. do your kids disney clothes fit when they are meant to or is this just me? does disney mean to send these messages to kids or is it mere coinsidence? oh and if you can list any more movies that have a nuclear family let me know, but you will find that the majority are about pretty disorganized families.. with this, hidden dirty messages in their movies and x rated gay days at their parks what is disney saying about the family?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

calling all parents

i need help! lily is such a terrible sleeper. i feel like every time i find a new way to get her to sleep and stay asleep it only lasts a few days. she's no longer nursing well in bed. she still sleeps through the night (6 hrs before waking) .. but it takes up to 4 hours to get her to bed. i've tried changing her bedtime, rocking her, binkies, bottles, singing, reading books, night baths. i wait until she is "limp limbed" to put her down and she still wakes up and doesn't go back to sleep. i don't know what to do anymore. i've considering trying the "cry it out method" but i don't have the heart. if you have ANY advice.. or any friends who had light sleepers send them my way, i will take any advice.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

random things

sunday night we realized seth had mon and tues off work so we decided to head to davis. we had a great time, which included walking downtown, making a turkey dinner and just hanging out with ash and the kids. i would post pics of this but they are on ashleys camera. on the way home we stopped by the house of an old friend of seths. we ate dinner and chatted for a few hours then drove home... arriving at about 230 am.. oops. anyway lily is doing wonderful. she now takes one 2-3 hour nap a day then goes to bed between 8 and 9. she loves interacting with people and is constantly smiling and laughing when she gets attention. the other day i left her on a blanket on her tummy to go brush my hair.. and the pic shows where she ended up.. i have to watch her more closely now.. she rolls too well (as she shows us every time we change her diaper) another thing we have been doing is taking advantage of the california weather, so we take a walk every day. today seth tried the moby wrap and lily loved it. anyway besides that we are just trying to prepare for the move to idaho... i found a house for rent that i really really want. its only 450 a month, two bedrooms, huge kitchen indoor heated front and back patios with washer and dryer hookups and best of all a yard we are allowed to plant a garden in... i really hope we get it. anyway enjoy the pics.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

morro bay

seth had a day off on friday so we took advantage and went to morro bay. we just window shopped and got some good seafood, then we went to the beach to find some tide pools. the tide was high so we had to climb around the rocks. it was windy and cold so lily had to be bundled, but she handled it well. overall we had a great time and i got the clam chowder i was craving and seth got his fish and chips (minus the chips) anyway here are some pics. i love the beach.

Friday, November 16, 2007

taking a break

the voting for hilary thing was just a joke... i said IF she could fix it.. didnt say she would... and the worse part of the experience wasn't even expressed in the blog. anyway maybe i'll stop blogging for awhile.. i'm portraying myself badly. just know i have researched many things related to this, i'm not ignorant, i dont want her to have reflux but i do know how heavily reflux runs in seths family and if that is what she has the more i can control how bad it gets. i took her to the doctor and the doctor feels it is necessary to do a reflux study. anyway, no more ranting blogs for me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

why i'd consider voting for hilary

if she could actually fix the healthcare system i would vote for her. we just got back from the emergency room where they held us in a room with a screaming infant for 2 hrs to tell us that they don't treat infants. at the same time i told the doc that lily hadn't eaten in 5 hours and he told me to hold her off on feeding til i could call her doc at 8 in the morning!!! not feeding an infant for 15 hours in rediculous. anyway i hate doctors... they took 4 months to diagnois my husband with a tumor the size of a racquet ball (with a doctor looking at his scan and not seeing it during his second emergency room visit) and now they wont do anything for my kid...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

poor lily

for those of you who haven't heard my little girl has been pretty sick lately. she's always been a decently colicy baby,(which has always been blown off by her docs) but since her shots last week its gotten much worse. she has had several times where she has screamed for hours. yesterday we were in bakersfield and her grandma babysat her while we had a date and went shopping. she screamed basically the whole time, but the worse thing is that she has been refusing to eat often, and when she is sick she pulls away from me and screams out as if in fear of eating. in the past i brought up the possibility of her having reflux, since it runs strongly in both mine and seths families, but of course the doc insisted it was simply colic. anyway back to bakersfield, my mother-in-law dealt with her two daughters reflux as babies and knew automatically what it was and when she wasn't getting better after a couple of hours gave her a couple of drops of an antacid that is approved for babies and within minutes she was smiling and talking, just loving life. it broke my heart to see my daughter in so much pain. i think for the first time since lily's birth i worried about her future... i hope that her illness isn't as severe as her aunts who have both had surgery and are on medications. i hoped she had gotten my genes when it came to health instead of the women of seths family, (no offense to them if they read this) anyway this is a jumbled blog, mainly because i haven't pieced it all together in my mind yet. i hurt for my little girl... but i guess that's part of being a parent and loving someone so much. she has an appt on thurs and i will not walk out of there without a perscription. keep her in your prayers and we will all hope this simply passes with time, or at least we can give her some comfort from her pain.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

katie tagged me so here goes

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. going to elementry school
2.getting used to the "new " house
3. dancing
4. flirting
5. roofing the house
5 Things on my to-do list today:
Well, today is almost over, so here is tomorrows
1. organize paperwork
2. go back to sequoia national park
3. cut lily's nails
4. clean
5. shop
5 Foods I enjoy:
Just five?
1. seths stir-fry... its the best
2. Cheesecake
3. ravioli
4. steak
5. hot fudge on basically any thing
5 Bad habits:
1. watching too much tv
2. giving in to seth
3. leaving my dishes by the couch
4. rocking when i have anything in my arms
5. handing lily off to seth so i can blog (like now)
5 of my favorite toys:
1. camera
2. my cell phone
3. tv
4. shoot my husbands in college i dont have anything else
5. oh wait.. anything that keeps lily entertained
people i tag
1. jamie
2. audra (since she never blogs)
3 olivia
those are all the people i have on here that katie didn't tag already


forgot to put those.. she is in the 17th perentile in weight and 29th in height.. means shes tall and skiny but all around small. i love my little girl.

stealing ashley's idea

lily is 3 months old today. she finally got her shots on wed and the poor girl got pretty sick. on thurs she cried for a few inconsolable hours and refused to eat for about 6 hrs. she had a fever so i gave her tylenol and that made her constipated. so yes the whole thing really stunk. but in the end she came out it with some great new habits. she now takes 2 naps a day (much better than her previos 0) she has also stopped snacking all day and eats a few hrs apart and is happy almost the whole time between. since her shots she has been really cuddly and i love it... anyway here are some things she's doing:
rolling over front to back and sometimes back to front
talking up a storm.. she likes to hold a note for a long time and practice different pitches
staring and licking her lips whenever we eat. i swear she is obsessed with food
we think she might be workin on a tooth because she likes to grab hands and pull them to her mouth to gum.
she has her daddy wrapped around her finger. today he was home for dinner and she just sat and stared at him and cooed and smiled the whole time.., she even got mad when he left. seth tells her its not fair that shes so cute.. he cant resist her.
she loves bath time and screams when i take her out of the water.
every once in awhile she will actually fally asleep without nursing now.
sadly she is obsessed with the tv... if its on and you turn her away from it while shes watching she freaks out. anyway thats lily right now. shes a blast and loves to play.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

doctors appt

she is 10 lbs 12 ounces and 22 1/2 inches long.. does anyone kno a site that shows the percentages? my doc doesnt provide this info

Sunday, November 4, 2007

so where to start... i am so far behind... we went to sequoia national park since it is only about an hour away. i hadn't been there before so it was pretty awesome (besides being about 30 degrees colder than expected). we even saw a few bears. the next day we drove down to redlands to meet mom. wshe took me back to blythe and seth drove back home to work the next day. in blythe i went to the ward campout and enjoyed spending time with mom dad and bryce. everyday i would hold the phone up to lily's ear so she could hear her daddy's voice and every time she turned to look for him. she changed alot while we were there.. she stopped crying every time i changed her diaper.. what a blessing.. and she took some really good naps by herself. she also finally discovered how wonderful it is to have a hand to suck on.. so i stayed in blythe for a week and then seth picked me up in blythe and we drove back to bakersfield, where we stayed the night and then got up early to drive to disneyland (leaving lily with my mother in law) disneyland was crowded but a blast.. we stayed til it closed at midnight and then drove back to bakersfield... slept there til 11 and drove back to visalia around 9.. after that crazy week and a half we were really ready for a break.. so its nice to be home and have lily back on her schedule. oh btw ash lily has gotten better about sleeping alone.. not great but better... sleeping about 45 mins on her own once or twice a day. oh yes and she now loves her tummy time.. (even tho since she has perfected rolling over it ends up being back time) and finds complete joy in flirting with the mirror.. she makes seth and i laugh constantly with her talking, licking and attempts at crawling.. and thank goodness she loves playing with her daddy so much more now.. anyway hopefully i am going to the byu ballet performance here in visalia on thurs but besides that not much else is going on..almost forgot.. we went trick or treating on halloween with a couple from our ward who have a 2 year old. we went to about 10 houses before lily just blew.. so of course we just bought discount candy the next day. crud the pic of the leaf shouldnt be there.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

too much to update..

so i will the pictures speak for themselves. the pics include a sunset on the way home from sequoia, blythe, halloween and such for now.. i'll write later. again thanks mom for the costume and the pumpkin sleeper.. i love you

Monday, October 15, 2007

lily is a really light sleeper... she hates to sleep on her own, but wakes with any movement... so lately unless i sleep with her she isn't sleeping. She is only 2 months old so of course this means she gets really grumpy and sad because she is so tired, but wants to play with her daddy when he's home from work. so yesterday after church she was still asleep in her carseat and i just let her stay there and she slept for 3 hours. it was amazing (sadly i stil didn't get much done cuz i'm lazy) so when she got tired again i put her in there again and she slept for about 45 mins which is still awesome for lily. and today i put her in it sleepy and she went to sleep and has been out for 2 hours. the bad thing is that when she is awake most of the day i take advantage of her sleeping... since she is sleeping a little better today i've gotten nothing done.

Seths new job has him working so many hours, luckily today is 8 of 9 days on... so he gets 2 days off.. even though its hard to have him gone and he is exhausted when he gets home, it will be one awesome paycheck. tomorrow he will have worked 88 hours in 9 days. I am really looking forward to having him home for a couple of days.. and then i'm hoping to go to blythe for a few days while he works some more 10 hour days. well i better at least shower before lily wakes up. here's a pic of her today (thanks for the onesie btw ash) oh and she is surrounded by junk cuz that's how she likes it...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

my lily is so liitle

so lily had a doctors apt because she has a cold... and with her clothes on and a wet diaper she was only 10 lbs even... and 21 inches. i think amelia will catch up with her quickly. anyway she is fine and slowly getting over her cold. she is learning that she loves the sound of her own voice.. yesterday she found out she can change her pitch and practiced for about 30 mins... shes also discovered she can growl... shes an odd child. she also loves to lick people. her favorite way the be held is with her face to my arm so she can lick it. she also pulls seths hand to her mouth to lick them. she has now realized we think its funny so she grins as she reaches to lick us. anyway here are pics of her smiling and how she is so tiny.

Monday, October 8, 2007

just another cute pic (or 3)

the first two were last week and the last one was when she was only a week or two old.. her aunt mar did her hair..

so tempting

i found a round-trip flight to nc for 180 and i want it so badly... but i don't know that i can handle it.. and i KNOW we can't afford it... but oh my is it tempting.. i would love to see my siblings... and my nieces and nephews... and now that i have a kid of my own i want them to meet my little lily and enjoy her like i do. its sad... yesterday i realized that only one of my sibling has met my lil girl... thats pathetic... not even bryce who still lives at home has met her.. iv met all but two of my nieces and nephews.. anyway these are the things i think when i see such a cheap ticket... but then i think of how hard it was to travel to san clamente with lily.. nc seems crazy... esp cuz of course i would have to go alone cuz we cant afford seth to take off that much time from work (esp since he is workin 10 hrs a day every day right now) anyway sigh i am so torn.. i miss my siblings.. anyway lily just fell asleep so i should head to bed too..

Monday, October 1, 2007

lily being silly

the other day lily was sitting in my lap with my boppy in my lab also and she slowly just laid on it and looked around... i just thought it was adorable so seth took pics... the other pic is my favorite pic... lily loves to just stare at her daddy... when he comes home from work she knows it and just wants him... its fun. (oops i put the wrong pic of seth and lily... then tried to delete it and it wouldn't let me so its just really small on the page now... my bad)

Friday, September 28, 2007

my daughter is crazy

Lily is seriously one of the strongest kids I've ever seen. (both physically and when it comes to being stubborn) The day she was born she was already supporting her own head. One of her favorite things to do is push off my thighs and stand... and this wouldn't usually alarm people, but she is such a petite thing that people think she is even younger than 7 weeks. This often results in people telling me to support her neck (with a glare ) or just to simply glare and tisk. Anyway she is now consistantly rolling over from front to back and sometimes from back to front.. and she is already scooting! she just digs in her toes and pushes off anytime i put her on her stomach. Sometimes I'm just like settle down crazy kid... i still have a newborn... I want my cuddle time... and i want my infant to sleep! I just put her down after her being awake for over 5 hours! Once she stayed awake for 7 straight hours.... luckily seth was home for part of that so i just handed her over to him and ran and hid in my room. anyway another crazy thing about my bug is that she is so stinkin long! seth and i are way short, how in the world did we get a tall kid? anyway thats all for now... time to clean my kitchen and make dinner (which means throwing a pizza in the oven)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

pics of lily

lily bug

ya know i've never been one to give (or have) nicknames but lily sure has them. she is lily bug, bug, buglet, gusanita, grubworm, silly lily... and then the less endearing ones such as; grump butt, fussy pants, grumpy girl, stinky butt (those ones usually arise in the middle of the night when shes hyper or colicy) shes just so cute she can't just be lily... anyway she's doing great. life is much easier now that we have her a little more figured out... for awhile she was having alot of stomach problems- first constipated then diahrea, spitting up... screaming uncontrolably, and being up at all hours of the night... but now she just has problems about once a day and her tummy drops make it a shorter ordeal. one of my favorite things is that she will not only take a pacifier but also a bottle... so that gives me some freedom to leave her with seth or his mom (who only lives an hour away).