Tuesday, June 10, 2008

lily's health (again)

so lily just got off an antibiotic yesterday for a sinus infection... and it worked for her nose but just moved it all down to her chest. this weekend (its always on the weekends isn't it) she kept choking in her sleep. so we took her back to the doc who perscribed a nebulizer, chest xray and allergy medicine. the doc thinks it might be allergy or asthma related... (both run in seth's family) luckily medicaid purchased the nebulizer for us (the place i got it from said they sold 6 to parents of children yesterday) so her chest xray is today, wish us luck and we hope its not pneumonia. yesterday it was the first time in a month it was warm and dry enough (without too much wind) to play outside.. lily loved it sooo much. she had just finished a nebulizer treatment and she was really hyper and she just crawled around as fast as she could because she had so much space. she also practiced standing as much as possible and flirted with every person who walked by... it was wonderful... too good to last... the high today is 50 and its rainy and windy... so no outside time today. (did i mention she has thrush again and her eczema is really bad again) but the good news is that this weekend is supposed to be in the 70's without a cloud in sight.. woohoo!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i need help

so i'm still trying to find a decent flight and so far the cheapest i've found that will work for us is almost 500 dollars and we just can't afford that. we need to fly out of either salt lake or boise (salt lake would be much better because we have somewhere free to park) the night of july 18th. (probably after 7) and we need to fly back july 25th (or the day before). if anyone has time to help me look for a flight please do so. thanks in advance for your help