Friday, September 28, 2007

my daughter is crazy

Lily is seriously one of the strongest kids I've ever seen. (both physically and when it comes to being stubborn) The day she was born she was already supporting her own head. One of her favorite things to do is push off my thighs and stand... and this wouldn't usually alarm people, but she is such a petite thing that people think she is even younger than 7 weeks. This often results in people telling me to support her neck (with a glare ) or just to simply glare and tisk. Anyway she is now consistantly rolling over from front to back and sometimes from back to front.. and she is already scooting! she just digs in her toes and pushes off anytime i put her on her stomach. Sometimes I'm just like settle down crazy kid... i still have a newborn... I want my cuddle time... and i want my infant to sleep! I just put her down after her being awake for over 5 hours! Once she stayed awake for 7 straight hours.... luckily seth was home for part of that so i just handed her over to him and ran and hid in my room. anyway another crazy thing about my bug is that she is so stinkin long! seth and i are way short, how in the world did we get a tall kid? anyway thats all for now... time to clean my kitchen and make dinner (which means throwing a pizza in the oven)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

pics of lily

lily bug

ya know i've never been one to give (or have) nicknames but lily sure has them. she is lily bug, bug, buglet, gusanita, grubworm, silly lily... and then the less endearing ones such as; grump butt, fussy pants, grumpy girl, stinky butt (those ones usually arise in the middle of the night when shes hyper or colicy) shes just so cute she can't just be lily... anyway she's doing great. life is much easier now that we have her a little more figured out... for awhile she was having alot of stomach problems- first constipated then diahrea, spitting up... screaming uncontrolably, and being up at all hours of the night... but now she just has problems about once a day and her tummy drops make it a shorter ordeal. one of my favorite things is that she will not only take a pacifier but also a bottle... so that gives me some freedom to leave her with seth or his mom (who only lives an hour away).