Tuesday, January 29, 2008

inspired by ash's post

i am already so frustrated with nursing lily.. in the last 5 days she has spent 3 nights awake from about 2-5... last night from 12-5 just wanting to nurse but not to sleep... the prob is she is going through a phase where she refuses to nurse unless i was in bed with her and that would keep seth up. (hes a light sleeper and she can't hold still or stop "talking" for anything and if he moves she wants to play with him) she also takes about an hr to get her down breastfeeding now and then half the time she wakes up within an hour. we started her on daily solids and it seems her appetite has picked up instead of slowing down. anyway grr... its frustrating. i've considered weaning her but i'd be lost without breastfeeding because that is the only way she will fall asleep. anyway this started out as a comment on ashley's wall and turned really long so here it is now as a blog. question.. ash how do you get blaise to sleep without nursing? you said before that roy puts him down to start the night... how? and to everyone else... lily refuses to leave my arms... and i'm afraid that if it doesnt end soon her development will slow down because she won't try to crawl anymore... she used to but not anymore. any suggestions (this of course all started because of the move and being on the road and then having our apt covered in boxes) anyway random blog..

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

21 below

yes i mean zero... that was our low last night... now here are a few interesting facts that many of you may not know about temps below zero (ashley read carefully before roys interviews in cold regions)

#1 your nose hairs freeze at zero. (its an odd sensation) but its kinda fun cuz you walk outside and know if its below zero with a few seconds.

#2 it is painful to breathe often resulting in coughing

#3 your doors freeze shut and are hard to open

#4 dead bolts are hard to lock and require both hands and alot of strength

#5 the roads actually get safer... the ice freezes so solid on the roads that it has traction

#6 stores don't blow their parking lots completely so EVERYTHING looks white... well brownish dirty gross white.

#7 bikes don't do well on ice... yes people in rexburg still try to ride bikes to school in january... if you think its funny to see people fall walking you should see it on a bike. (there are places on campus where the sidewalks aren't well heated and have ice and people flock to those spots for some laughs)

#8 no amount of layers keep you warm

#9 did you know that when its really really cold it actually won't snow.. the flakes get smaller and smaller as the temp drops and when its about neg 15 the clouds just give up in frustration.

#10 snow can cut you... when it warms a little and the top layer melts just slightly then it drops again what looks like nice soft snow becomes evil sharp snow... seth found this out the hard way and he has cuts on his face to prove it...

#11 kids will always still want to go outside for a few mins no matter the tempature... even lily

anyway its late and that all i can think of for now... just a few things for ash ;) and to remind katie why she doesn't miss snow. anyone want to make wagers on when we will next have temps above freezing? my guess is the 10th of march... make a guess and i will let you know who is closest.

in the middle of the night; it came

i mean that quite literally... our belongings came at 130 in the morning monday morning when it was negative 11 outside. our apt was freezing cold and the movers we're literally throwing our stuff. lily and i stayed in the bathroom trying to get warm and ended up asleep in the tub. one of the first things seth noticed was that our very nice (and decently expensive) mattress had been wrapped with tape many times and it was too tight and bent... some of the springs appeared to be messed up.. so we looked at our other mattress and the same thing happened. (this being the mattress we borrowed from seths parent) we don't have many valuable items and yet they messed up the only two valuable things we have.. no not our couches that we got free from a guys apt giving them away... or our dresser that already had a broken drawer... but our beds. anyway luckily it is still comfortable, but you better believe that will be in our claims report when we try to get all the money back that we can. this company lied to us so many times. twice they "guaranteed" that our stuff would be to our apt by a certain date.. knowing that it would be impossible. the driver of the truck changed his story so many times he couldn't keep it stright. friday night he told us that he was on his way from seattle, driving through the night and would be there in the morning... then wouldn't answer his phone all day sat only to tell us sunday that he still had a delievery to make in boise (4 hrs away) before he could come to us) then it supposedly took him 10 hrs to idaho falls (30 mins from us) and then over 2 more hrs to make it to us. anyway the whole experience was bad enough that seth says it was worse than his surgery to have a tumor removed a year ago.. buyer beware... don't use an online moving company... and talk to seth and i before you let anyone touch your belongings.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


still no stuff... we have lived in rexburg for 10 days now with our air mattress clothes and a few borrowed objects from friends. we have called the moving company every day and we finally got a real answer yesterday... they promised it within the next 2 days.. then we got the email confirmation that said the next 2-3 days so we will see. right now seth is on a hort trip to boise... he left early this morning and will be back late tomorrow night... he is excited because he just got the new blackberry pearl (he happened to be up for a new phone when it was a great deal) it came today, so he hasn't seen it yet. we also found a free crib here in rexburg so we jumped on it and got it.. it is missing a piece but seth thinks he can jimmy rig it to work and be safe... now to get lily to sleep in it. speaking of lily... she is getting up on all four now and trying to crawl.. its cute... she has decided that we aren't allowed to change her diaper or clothes and persistantly rolls over as soon as her butt is bare.. she is having a hard time adjusting to seth not being home all day (and she is trying to cut a tooth) so shes struggling, but still cute. when we were in bakersfield right before our move my sister-in-law mariam gave lily a snuggle bear that she got when she was 2... lily loves it.. she talks to it and hugs it and just shreeks in delight whenever she sees it. mar is really good with her so it just tickles me that she loves something from her so much. speaking of mar... she is going in for brain surgery on the 22nd. keep her in your prayers. ok this blog has become very random... lily is in bed, there is nothing good on tv and seth hasn't called me back on his trip yet.. so i am very bored. enjoy pics

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

we're "home"

if you can call home a air mattress that is leaking (almost gone) and a freezing cold apt because the heater doesn't work... oh did i mention its an empty home? the moving van isn't here yet... and according to the guy we talked to yesterday won't be for up to two weeks. we "moved" in last night from our friends apt and thought oh wow its chilly in here... lets turn up the heat... an hr passed and nothing... turn it up more... another hr passed and finally i opened up the heater vent and ICE!! everywhere and about an inch thick.. but of course by then it was to late to call our friends to stay with them again.. so we took our one thin quilt and our sheets and put them on our air mattress.. only to find out it was leaking. so i spent the night staying in bed shivering, but giving off enough body heat to lily that i couldn't get up. to top it off by the morning my hip was hitting the floor. so here i am exhausted, freezing and sitting on an ice chest at our desk next to the oven, trying to recieve some of its warmth. seth is at school with the car or i would go buy a space heater... and the managers aren't in yet to get the heater fixed.. oh and its 23 degrees outside... idaho has quite the way of welcoming you "home"