Sunday, July 13, 2008

forgot the hamper pic!

its one of my favorites. well a couple of them :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008


so here are some cute pics... lily loves to play in our little fold up hamper.. she also loves the snuggle bear she got from her aunt mariam. she carrys him around and tries to feed him her bottles. there is also a pic of her at the zoo looking at her twin (a monkey) there is one of her in the swing too... which she is completely in love with... soon we will have to take a picture of her pushing a cart at a store... the other day we were at walmart and i put her down on the floor.. looked away for a min and looked back to find that she had stolen someone elses cart and was navigating it through the isles. we went to sams club today and she pushed the cart (with my help of course) for at least 15 mins. anway here are the pics. enjoy

Monday, July 7, 2008

ok ok i've been slacking

so here is a quick post. lily's health update... she wasn't getting better so we got her on a steroid to go in her nebulizer... and it worked! so shes feeling alot better now... she is also walking like a champ! she tries to walk about as much as she crawls now and shes taken up to 20 steps at a time! we went to colorado to visit seths parents for the long weekend (got back at 1 this morning because our flights got delayed) and lily's walking got really good while we were there mainly because she was trying to chase down their two dogs. she also learned a few new words while we were there... good girl, good boy and good dog (we said them all alot to the dogs so she thought that is how to call them) she also barked at them alot... her daddy taught her to bark a couple of weeks ago. she also said gobi which is one of the dogs names... so shes talkin alot and loved playing with the dogs and collecting crab apples in gma and gpas backyard. (she would fit and many as she could in each hand) she of course also learned to feed the dogs from the high chair.... they have a lab that can reach the tray so she really loved that. anyway it was a good trip...

Last week seth had a phone interview that was promising. it was with the largest horticulture company in the world and they will probably hire him if he wants the job. the down sides are that it is is chicago and we really want to go somewhere warm.. and that it doesn't start until march and he graduates in dec. the up sides are that its a training program that will prepare him for a great job in the future, it only lasts up to one year... and it will look really good on a resume. either way its nice to have an option on the table. well i have to unpack and shower. i'll post pics soon.