Friday, July 17, 2009

another lost video

This is from right before the move. I was packing all of our framed pictures and Lily freaked out when I covered our Christ picture. She is so cute about church. She talks about it all day. Yesterday when seth got dressed up for his interview she immediately stated "oh we're going to church" Of course she throws a fit every sunday when we walk into sacrament instead of nursery, but she gets over it. enjoy the video.

My crazy child.

Here are a few pictures of Lily that were never posted because of the move. The picture of Lily outside in a red jacket was when it was 80 degrees outside and Lily insisted she was cold. The pictures of her with a pillow case on her head are just an example of a wild night in the Morris home. She does something similar to this every day. She ran around with the pillow case over her for at least an hour. As for Seth and I... life is looking up. Seth had his 3rd interview for a bank position yesterday. We should hear if he has another interview by Tuesday. We are starting to get settled into the house. It is slow, but we are so blessed to be in this house. It all happened at the perfect time (If you can say there is a perfect time for bad things to happen) I am feeling pretty good. I have some morning sickness, but it isn't too severe. I mainly just feel gross, exhausted and have lots of aches and pains. My first appointment is on Thursday so I will find out my official due date then. All in all we are doing fine. Here and the pictures and I hope the video of Lily will post. P.S. i love that even in a pillow case lily will pose for the camera :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009


So the last few weeks have been crazy. As most of you know Seth lost his job a couple of weeks ago. (see the previous post to see why this was very emotional for me) He had an interview with a bank and is now waiting for the second interview they promised. We are now moved into our new house and out of the old. It is such a relief to be out of the old house. Our landlord was very manipulative and kept giving us ultimatums for getting our deposit back. When we moved into the house it was very dirty and yet he expected it to be spotless when we left. You'd think that after our house flooded 3 times with sewage and WE had to clean it up he would give us a little break but no. I am just glad to be out of there. The new house is great. Seth's parents have been back and forth between here and Tucson helping us and Seth's sister Noelle. It has been a very long and exhausting week.
Lily is loving having some daddy and grandparent time. She has been so good through this move. She put up with 3 15 hour days without much complaint at all. She is in a good phase right now... very cute and independent. I am dreading Seth going back to work and life settling down and yet I want some normalcy back. Anyway if you haven't read my previous post yet, you might want to :) PS happy 4th