Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun Times

The last few days have been great. My aunt Di and uncle Rich came into town on Wednesday to help my cousin Jane' (sorry I don't know how to do accents so I can't spell her name correctly) with her daughter's wedding. They decided to stay with us since my cousin's house was overcrowded with the wedding party. Thursday night jane' asked if her two younger daughters (melissa 8, Nicole 10) could stay at our house with Di while she hosted the bachlorette party at her house.
Lily is completely in love with these girls and had such a wonderful time. We picked up hot and ready pizzas and watched high school musical two. Lily loved being one of the girls. She sang songs, showed off our Sugar Gliders and played on on her play place. At the end of the night they went to bed on an air mattress in our loft. Lily crawled right in between with them like that was where she belonged. Di told them a night time story and she almost fell asleep, but was just too excited, so she slept in her crib.
Tonight was the wedding. It was beautiful and again Lily had a blast. She loved seeing the "pretty princess". After the wedding we got to socialize with Di and Rich. It was great to have a good adult conversation and catch up with them.
Lily will be sad to see them leave tomorrow, but we are going up to St george for Thanksgiving just a few days later. She loves all of the attention she gets from Di.

Some other cute things about Lily:
She is part of a little group of friends in nursery. There are about 5 little girls the same age that love to play together. She constantly tells me that she wants to go to nursery and see her friends. She also has friends at our neighborhood playground that she loves to play with. When she sees other kids in the neighborhood she runs to yells "my friends, I love my friends"
She is learning so much, especially about the gospel. She loves to talk about President Monson and Joseph Smith. She still doesn't want like prayers, but she talks about praying to Heavenly Father and talks about how Jesus loves her. It is so fun to watch her learn and grow. She is such a fun little girl.
Here are a few pictures of my little sweetheart. (Including Halloween)
My favorite picture is the one of Lily on the couch. Note that she is wearing her "dora backpack", reading a book and sporting sunglasses.