Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bizzare foods

have you ever seen this show? Andrew Zimmern goes around the world and tries wierd foods. We are watching an episode about Ethiopia. Anyway try to catch it if you haven't see it. Seth loves this show... I think andrew is his long lost (non-identical) twin.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Mcdonalds experience

It has been very cold and rainy here, so Lily hasn't spent much time outside. This was driving her nuts so the other day we took her to McDonalds to play in the playplace (one of her favorite activites even though this was only the 3rd time we have gone) So, we got there and there was only one family there and they weren't sitting in the play area so we figured we had the playplace to ourselves. Boy were we wrong. There were 4 very loud and rude young kids in there, without any parents in the area (they were the ones sitting in the corner of the actual restaurant, completely our of view of the playplace in order to ignore their children) This of course annoyed me, but Lily and I continued to play anyway.
Thats when something unimaginable in my mind happened. One little girl had an accident in the slide. She was crying and just standing there looking for help.One of the older kids ran and told the parents (the grandparents were there too) and not a single adult moved! By this time another family had come and some of the kid accidentally ran into the pee, and yet still no adult budged. eventually the oldest girl (probably about 8) was instructed to get the little girl, put on her shoes and bring her to the parents. Once she got there her parents completely ignored her for another 10 minutes while they sipped at their mostly empty drinks and chatted. We of course thought this was very rude. They did not even tell anyone and continued to let other children play in the pee (I warned other families as they entered, so that no other children get wet)
As we let seth confronted them. He basically just said shame on you for not helping your child and left.
Am I overreacting or is this just terrible. It completely ruined Lily's fun of course because she couldn't go back into the play place and that was the only reason we ever eat there. Anyway I hope that I never ignore my children like that.

Lily and Animals

So Lily has always had a loving relationship with animals. Anything that is furry and moves is her best friend (even if it is running from her. Her Favorite store is Petsmart and her favorite place to go on walks is our duck ponds. She even says cat, dog and duck. (she meows barks and quacks too)
There is a kitten that sticks arounds our complex that she loves soo much. Every time we go outside she looks for it (and tries to meow to call it) It really is the sweetest little kitten. It comes up to every person and rubs on you and purrs. It even loves Lily (of course i still have to keep caution, but it is very sweet with all of the kids in the complex)
All of the above of course told me how much of an animal lover she is, but i still didn't know the extent until yesterday when she sat in front of the tv for an hour watching a special on WHALES! she sat a cooed and pointed and talked to them. She was so excited to see all the animals of the sea. I didn't even know she would recgonize them as animals, but she did and she loves them.
Unrelated but still funny;she has never really spent time on a beach since she was about 3 months old, but every time she sees a beach on tv or in a picture she just loves it. You can really see personality traits of both seth and I in her. She is very passionate even at 15 months!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm back

so i was out for awhile... our computer died but now we got a new one. It was very hard for me to be away so please forgive me for not posting on your blogs this week.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

most pictures

Lily and her loot.


OUr halloween went well. We crashed our friends trunk-r-treat and then we went down a street that is part of our ward. Lily was afraid of the people in costume so we had to carry her most of the time, but she seemed to have alot of fun. today she keeps searching for her loot, but considering most of it is chocolate she cant have most of it. The costume was made by my sweet mother. It turned out PERFECT! Thank you so much mom. The weather was great, it stopped raining for a few hours and it was a little chilly but just right for lily's costume.