Tuesday, March 18, 2008

gilmore girls

so i frequently watch gilmore girls... i have loved it since it started and now they play reruns on abc family so i watch every day as i eat lunch... i have recently come to realize that lily likes it too... every time she hears the theme song come on she stops WHATEVER she is doing and looks at the tv... we even found it on the internet and played it for her and she got really excited.. i esp love this because seth HATES this show (as do most men) so i feel like lily and i are teaming up against him... now note that i watch full house much more often than gm girls and she does not react to that theme song... just my show... i meant to include this in my previous blog and forgot... oh and here are some pics seth took of lily today (he wanted some pics with her in clothes for once) enjoy

Monday, March 17, 2008


this pic is just a random one i found... she looks drunk but i swear thats just juice is her bottle
i figured since most of you haven't met lily (or those of you who have, haven't seen her in months) i would tell you some of her little quirks.. lets start with fears..

#1 the blow dryer... she just stares at me and whimpers in concern until i turn it off.

#2 the shower... now that shes crawling she crawls the to the edge of the tub and puts her hands against the tub and watches me.

#3 the toilet flushing... now i must admit this toilet is loud enough to wake ME up... and i am a heavy sleeper.

#4 sneezing.. poor thing is just afraid of noises in general... she gets startled really easily... as you can see especially in the bathroom..

the child wants to walk so badly... she crawls with one knee and one foot and tries to stand up all the time. she even crawls with her but in the air on both feet..she pulls up on me quite often and then holds on to me and bounces up and down.. shes a little thrill seeker... always wanting to jump or be thrown and caught over and over again..

She remembers EVERYTHING esp if its edible and we let her try it even just once.. she is obsessed with food and is really good at eating with her 2 teeth... i give her everything in taco soup and she eats everything that she can manage to scoop into her mouth (she still drops a lot of it since she still isn't the best with her hands. she is like a dog... i feed her my veggies when i don't want them... and she loves spicy food.

she loves to climb... she climbs over the bottom rails of her jumperoo.. and the other day i found her on the second shelf of our entertainment center. (as pictured) she also climbs all over me of course.

she is always posing with her hands... she does this cute little shy pose... i can't explain it but i love it so much. she also poses for the camera (as audra pointed out she always looks suprised)

the thing i love most is that she loves people. she smiles at anyone that walks into the room and loves to flirt... giggling and then acting shy when they respond. she is so cute. anyway that's my girl... a total goof and a ton of fun.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

growing up so quickly

lily is now crawling... the first time she was really able to get anywhere was when i was getting ready in the bathroom. i left her on the floor by the bath tub and when i looked down she was behind the door about 4 feet away from where she started.. she hasn't gotten it down but she's good enough that i have to watch her. we also got a crib last week. we found a new one for 50 bucks off so we jumped. then i went out and bought a cheap bumper and sheet (didn't feel like spending 50 bucks on a set) and last night she slept in in for about 6 hrs... it was great... tonight i'm going to try feeding her in her room and putting her back down in the crib because i think she sleeps much harder on her own. anyway here are some pics of the crib, lily crawling in the crib and then a random cute one and one after she ate dried dragon fruit