Monday, January 4, 2010

The Advantage of ordering your own Christmas Gift

I "found" this in my new diaper bag... Seth didn't think it was as funny as I did ;)
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A Low Key Christmas

It started about a week before Christmas when Seth's parents came to visit. We went to the Phoenix Ballet (the women did, the men and Lily went hiking) and then we went to the zoo. A lady outside the park gave us free tickets as we entered, which was awesome :) The weather was perfect and we were there in the afternoon right before feeding time so all of the animals were very active. The Lion was the highlight of that adventure. He was roaring for his dinner and it really scared Lily. She pulled the shade down on her stroller so she could "hide" from him. She still talks about the scary Lion at the zoo.
Seth's parents stayed for a few days and then went to stay in scottsdale for a few days. They came back on the 22nd to do an early Christmas with us. Lily loved her gifts from her grandparents, but loved getting to play with them even more. She still talks about them daily.
That night Seth started getting sick. He had a high fever and was sick to his stomach. He ended up taking the next two days off work (including Christmas Eve) By the afternoon of Christmas Eve he was feeling much better so we drove to phoenix to get my Christmas Present... A double stroller from Craigslist) Then we went to see the lights at the temple. It was too packed and Lily threw a huge fit, so we only stayed for a few minutes before going home. That night Seth and I stayed up late. It took him quite awhile to put together all 300 pieces of Lily's Play kitchen and I altered the dress up clothes we got her. I had about an hour and a half of contractions that worried us, but they stopped with rest much to my relief.
Christmas morning Lily woke up very excited that Santa came. She was still tired, so she didn't smile much, but she talked a ton (I should have taken video) She was very excited for her gifts.
After we opened presents we drove to Tuscon to spend the day with all of his family. We ate a Christmas meal and then drove home that night.
Overall it was a simple, but nice Christmas week. Here are a few pictures.

Did I ever mention...

That Seth grew out his beard a couple of months ago?