Saturday, December 15, 2007

disney on the dark side?

i got a sleeper from my visiting teaching companion with pooh bear on it... didn't think twice to look at the size cuz it looked like it would fit lily really well.. and it did.. it is slender like her and just the right length.. today i looked and its sized 6-9 mos! lily still fits in her 0-3 mo outfits! shes only 11 or so lbs. this quickly reminded me of my disney anti family theory... there are only 3 disney movies i can think of that have a nuclear family as its focus... hercules, 101 dalmations and kind of peter pan (but not really at the focus and they run away from that family). now there are probably more but i can't think of any... also, like lily's outfit, look at the women in these movies! they would fit in lily's outfit... minus their boobs of course. do your kids disney clothes fit when they are meant to or is this just me? does disney mean to send these messages to kids or is it mere coinsidence? oh and if you can list any more movies that have a nuclear family let me know, but you will find that the majority are about pretty disorganized families.. with this, hidden dirty messages in their movies and x rated gay days at their parks what is disney saying about the family?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

calling all parents

i need help! lily is such a terrible sleeper. i feel like every time i find a new way to get her to sleep and stay asleep it only lasts a few days. she's no longer nursing well in bed. she still sleeps through the night (6 hrs before waking) .. but it takes up to 4 hours to get her to bed. i've tried changing her bedtime, rocking her, binkies, bottles, singing, reading books, night baths. i wait until she is "limp limbed" to put her down and she still wakes up and doesn't go back to sleep. i don't know what to do anymore. i've considering trying the "cry it out method" but i don't have the heart. if you have ANY advice.. or any friends who had light sleepers send them my way, i will take any advice.