Monday, June 8, 2009

Lily's crush

This is Brandon. He and his wife alissa are good friends of ours... and Lily thinks he's wonderful. Infact she talks about him all the time. She even told me once "I love Brandon". When i told Alissa about that she told Lily that brandon was her husband and Lily gave her a look that said she was ready to fight for him. Yesterday Lily came up to me and in a very serious tone stated "I gunna call Brandon"... This wasn't a question, it was a statement. Then a few minutes later... "Brandon call me" She is going to be so much trouble as a teen. This isn't even her first baby crush. She loved our friend Jason in Idaho too. Jacko- if you're reading this, tell Jason that if you don't come to visit soon, Jason may be replaced forever ;)
My question is; have any of your kids ever had a baby crush? It's really cute and Brandon loves Lily, so it's all fun, but it really does worry me for her future. She is going to as boy crazy as I was and that scares me.

Monday, June 1, 2009

the house

Today we met with the home inspector to go over any damage in the new house. There was very little, so we took the time to take some pictures and figure out where to put furniture and such. I swear I took pictures of the kitchen, but then when i got home they were gone... I'm sad, the kitchen is my favorite part. Anyway here are a few pictures. the picture of the bathroom is a jack and jill bathroom and I believe there is a picture of the loft. The walk in closet is one of two in the master and the apparently the pictures I took of the master bedroom got lost also. the rest should be explain themselves. ( I would describe them better, but my Windows Vista and Blogspot don't get along very well. I can't see the pictures on the blog and I don't know which ones actually loaded in order)