Friday, April 25, 2008

the last week

so last saturday lily didn't sleep for more than half an hour straight in the night... she had a fever of 101.2 and had stomach pains... we thought this was just a reaction to her shots and since it was the weekend we didn't want to take her to the emergency room (for the second time in a week) so we waited it out... after the second night of no sleep i took her to her doctor and found out she had an ear infection, so they gave her an antibiotic. she's doing alot better... didn't sleep well last night but besides that shes been sleeping well.

as i've mentioned several times I've never had any extra breast milk.... well during this sick ordeal its taken a drastic turn to basically no milk. i started supplementing lily on soy fomula a couple of days ago. i didn't realize how little milk i had until yesterday. i breastfed lily at about 7 am .. then bottle fed her the rest of the day... at about 3:30 i pumped until i was drained and only got 4 ounces. so i feel like at least i gave it my best shot... i still nurse her a couple of times a day but that's all i have to give. i plan to have her completelt off breast feeding before we go to NC this summer. she is taking the change quite well. (seth is actually putting her down for a nap right now with a bottle). i think its harder on me than her, last night on lost when claire's house got blown up and i thought her was dead and aaron was crying... i almost cried.. anyway thats all. seth is back without lily so success.. i'm going now

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

seths trip

so here a summary of what seth was doing in california. the basic purpose of this trip was to show the students of byu idaho the horticulture industry and to kiss big company butt (sorry mom). so they started in northern california and ended in joshua tree national park. they went basically everywhere in between... up at 6, at a new hotel every night after 10. seth was one of two people who actually brought a resume (which i don't understand) and he handed it out at over a dozen nurseries and large companies. he really liked 3 companies and could see himself starting at any of the three after school. he had one especially cool experience in san diego at a very large company. he was sitting at a table eating his lunch with his professor and a man came up and starting asking him a ton of questions about his experience and internships... he was really hitting him hard.. come to find out this man is the C O O ( cheif operating officer... basically a ceo) seth being the person he is felt free to ask hard questions back. the C O O responded by asking seth how long he had been in the industry because he seemed to have such a good understanding of the industry... always a good thing to have a guy so high up impressed... he actually told seth to make sure he gave the HR manager his resume. this C O O doesn't usually give tours of the company but sought out BYU-I and asked them to come. This gives us great hope and i wouldn't mind living in SD. besides going to businesses they went to museums, the jelly belly factory, hollywood, vegas and the beach at least a dozen times... they also ate out at a million different restaurants (this professor is so much like seth and loves to explore). he came back exhausted but knowing what he wants to do and with a good outlook of our future. oh btw after the reunion this summer we are moving to phoenix for 5-6 weeks so seth can have a second internship during a 7 week school break. we will be living with a friend of seth's and his wife.. another adventure.

finally catching up

so i'll give you the short version since its been almost a month. we went to blythe, (lily and i) had a great time. lily loved her cousins and chica of course. we got sick and then thought we were all better before we went to tuscon... WRONG. we got my mother in law, sisters in law and brother in law sick... so we basically sat around the apt minus going to the zoo for an hour (which lily loved) (during all this seth was on a hort trip with the school... but more about that in a different blog)we got home last wed to a chirping smoke detector which i could not reach... (seth wasn't home yet) so i searched the complex for a guy tall enough to reach it and when i finally found one we found out that it keeps chirping even when you take out the bad battery. so i ran to kmart (stopping to order thai food on the way thanks to katie:)) got a battery (left my wallet but i didn't figure that out til the next day) got home put lily to bed and seth came home within an hour. since then we've just been hanging out. seth had two finals and has been working on campus. a couple of days after we got home lily fell and hit her cheek on the entertainment center (since she is now walking around the furniture) she got a black eye... poor thing... so things were settling down until two nights ago when we were getting ready to go to a hort social we made some whipping cream... we had slowly been pushing lily's milk allergy and decided to give her some cream... this didn't go well.. within minutes she was red and covered in hives... her eyes were swollen and the poor thing was so sad.. so we put some benedryl gel on her and rushed her to the hospital... by the time we were seen by a doctor most of the rash was gone but her eyes were pretty poofy. she was being so cute in the hospital. she likes to mimic and make fun of people... and when a little boy in the same room cried (recieving a shot) she laughed at him... then when the nurse lectured the boy she waved her hands going "a ba ba ba DA DA" it was sad but cute... anyway they gave her benedryl (she slept so well that night) and we continued to the party... tomorrow we are hosting a bbq... seth is doing some texas style brisket (its already started) and the we are grilling some steaks with everyone coming chipping in a few bucks. there should be about 12 people so it should be fun... so thats whats up here... i didn't have the camera in blythe so the few pics i have are of lily in the bath and high chair... note that she is always standing and her black eye. ( the pics are a little blurry because she is always moving.. but still cute)

Friday, April 11, 2008

you want a blog here it is.

i am not allowing myself to do a true blog until i am unpacked, laundry is done, i have groceries in my fridge (we cleaned it out before we left) and my apt is at least decent. so we are all home safe and healthy. seth is done with the semester and doesn't go back until the 21st i think. anyway thats all.