Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our news

Let me start by saying that no I am not pregnant.
We are officially moving back to Arizona in December. Seth got a really good job offer at his current company and tomorrow he will sign the contract. His new title will be outside sales representative. This basically means that he will be incharge of all the sales in the company. It isn't a very large company but he will get good commisions and wonderful job experience.
We really like this area. It feels like a small town but you can find whatever you want to buy within half an hour. Our favorite thing is the availability of organic fresh food. We have found Lily responds well to organic milk despite her milk allergy. In Idaho it is nearly imposible work with organic dairy because it is so much more expensive, but here it is barely more expensive and comes on sale frequently. (now to get her to like it).
The desert here is so much more beautiful than the desert around Blythe. There are huge saguaro cacti everywhere as well as several different kinds of barrel cacti and other pretty plants that only Seth can actually identify.
We have actually taken up a hobby in the desert. We go scorpion hunting at least one night a week. We go into the desert at night with black light flashlights and search for scorpions. When we see one there is no mistaking it, they glow bright green from about 40 feet away. We then grab it with tongs and stick it in a tube. When we are done we let them all go at once and watch them scatter under the black light. We not only enjoy the hunt, but the nights here are beautiful and it just feels peaceful. If you don't believe me ask my mom, she went with us on monday.
I need to go to bed now. Pat i hope you enjoyed my more refined post. :) (and anyone else bugged by my rushed, Instant message style posts) I just wanted to share our good news. It will be awhile before i post again since we are moving back to Rexburg this weekend, I assume I will be very busy for awhile.