Monday, October 15, 2007

lily is a really light sleeper... she hates to sleep on her own, but wakes with any movement... so lately unless i sleep with her she isn't sleeping. She is only 2 months old so of course this means she gets really grumpy and sad because she is so tired, but wants to play with her daddy when he's home from work. so yesterday after church she was still asleep in her carseat and i just let her stay there and she slept for 3 hours. it was amazing (sadly i stil didn't get much done cuz i'm lazy) so when she got tired again i put her in there again and she slept for about 45 mins which is still awesome for lily. and today i put her in it sleepy and she went to sleep and has been out for 2 hours. the bad thing is that when she is awake most of the day i take advantage of her sleeping... since she is sleeping a little better today i've gotten nothing done.

Seths new job has him working so many hours, luckily today is 8 of 9 days on... so he gets 2 days off.. even though its hard to have him gone and he is exhausted when he gets home, it will be one awesome paycheck. tomorrow he will have worked 88 hours in 9 days. I am really looking forward to having him home for a couple of days.. and then i'm hoping to go to blythe for a few days while he works some more 10 hour days. well i better at least shower before lily wakes up. here's a pic of her today (thanks for the onesie btw ash) oh and she is surrounded by junk cuz that's how she likes it...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

my lily is so liitle

so lily had a doctors apt because she has a cold... and with her clothes on and a wet diaper she was only 10 lbs even... and 21 inches. i think amelia will catch up with her quickly. anyway she is fine and slowly getting over her cold. she is learning that she loves the sound of her own voice.. yesterday she found out she can change her pitch and practiced for about 30 mins... shes also discovered she can growl... shes an odd child. she also loves to lick people. her favorite way the be held is with her face to my arm so she can lick it. she also pulls seths hand to her mouth to lick them. she has now realized we think its funny so she grins as she reaches to lick us. anyway here are pics of her smiling and how she is so tiny.

Monday, October 8, 2007

just another cute pic (or 3)

the first two were last week and the last one was when she was only a week or two old.. her aunt mar did her hair..

so tempting

i found a round-trip flight to nc for 180 and i want it so badly... but i don't know that i can handle it.. and i KNOW we can't afford it... but oh my is it tempting.. i would love to see my siblings... and my nieces and nephews... and now that i have a kid of my own i want them to meet my little lily and enjoy her like i do. its sad... yesterday i realized that only one of my sibling has met my lil girl... thats pathetic... not even bryce who still lives at home has met her.. iv met all but two of my nieces and nephews.. anyway these are the things i think when i see such a cheap ticket... but then i think of how hard it was to travel to san clamente with lily.. nc seems crazy... esp cuz of course i would have to go alone cuz we cant afford seth to take off that much time from work (esp since he is workin 10 hrs a day every day right now) anyway sigh i am so torn.. i miss my siblings.. anyway lily just fell asleep so i should head to bed too..

Monday, October 1, 2007

lily being silly

the other day lily was sitting in my lap with my boppy in my lab also and she slowly just laid on it and looked around... i just thought it was adorable so seth took pics... the other pic is my favorite pic... lily loves to just stare at her daddy... when he comes home from work she knows it and just wants him... its fun. (oops i put the wrong pic of seth and lily... then tried to delete it and it wouldn't let me so its just really small on the page now... my bad)