Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the style of Lindsey

Here is a quick update and a few cute stories. (with more editing for my mom)

cute story #1
Lily and I were playing in my bedroom when all the sudden she runs into the bathroom and yells "bath Bath bath!". She LOVES to take baths. So explained to her that she didn't need a bath. She then ran into our second bathroom and looked at me and said. "this bath!" She is too cute.

cute story #2
While waiting in a long line at a restaurant Lily decided to try to scare people by roaring at them. When we realized she was trying to scare us we acted like we were afraid. She had to see every person in our group react to her fightening roar. About fifteen minutes later her voice was horse and she was in tears with laughter. Since then she's been doing it several times a day. She even says "dad dad dad" and then when he looks she "scares" him. Now she says "i scare you" after every time.

cute story # 3
My aunt Di came into town and invited Lily and I to go to the zoo with her, my cousin jane' and 3 of her daughters. Lily loved to see the animals but one display was the best for her. This zoo has a sting ray petting zoo! Lily would stick her hand in the water and whenever one would come up to touch her (they LOVE to be pet) she would jump and say " i scared" but then put her hand right back in. She also insisted that the lemurs were cats. The zoo was alot of fun and the weather was perfect.

Now my quick update. Last week i spent my time deep cleaning my house. I really mean deep clean. I organized closets and scrubed bathrooms. My house is CLEAN! I finished it before my inlaws came last friday. Now my goal is to really keep it clean, and even though I haven't been feeling well today and Seth has had a very stressful few weeks at work I am doing a pretty good job. It's alot easier once it's really clean once.
We got to go to bryce's farewell on sunday. He did a great job on his talk. It was great to see mom and dad. It was also fun to see mom, di and pat together, having lots of fun. mom taught pat and di how to use wii fit. She's good at it.
Anyway life is good. Lily is a cutie, stubborn as can be but so much fun.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

one more random post

so here is a quick update. Seth and lily had bad colds for about 2 weeks... at the end of their colds i got it... so now i am a few days into it... one thing that i hate so much about colds is that i can't smell anything... but i can still smell one of the best smells in the world! our citrus trees are in bloom and they smell heavenly. another random thing... our female sugar glider is pregnant again.. we think the baby will come out of pouch in about 6 weeks... that will put her babies about 4 months apart in age... can you imagine?? she was pregnant again before her first baby was 6 weeks out of pouch... anyway i am also still looking for a day care job that will allow me to be in the same class as lily. i have applied at about a hundred places... no luck yet. seth is getting settled into his new job. lily is just being lily. she loves to sing and dance. when she dances she mainly moves her hands and arms, its cute. seth calls it psychedelic. she also puts her hand over her mouth when she sings slow songs. we have no idea why but its really cute. she also loves to play seths drum set. I think she has some of her daddys musical talent. wells thats all for now, its late.

pictures of lily

we figured that lily needed to start taking naps again when she fell asleep on the couch like this. i know the first few pictures will get me a lecture from my mother but they are just too funny to pass up. she sat and played with those cans for 20 minutes.


here is a video i tried to post a right before we moved and it didn't work... we will see if it works this time. and yes my daughter is almost always just in a diaper if we are in our house.. but always in clothes outside of it.