Thursday, June 17, 2010

The last year

We have had alot of excitement over the last year... alot of joy and even more tears. Here is a quick overview.
June 14- Found out we were expecting Mayan
June 17- Seth lost his job at Arid (very unexpectedly)
June 25ish- My parents move from Blythe to NC and stop in to say farewell... its hard to see them go.
June 29- our 3rd anniversary and the day we move into our current house. We have lots of problems with the move (esp with our landlord being very inconsistant).
July 22- I find out I am actually 2 weeks more pregnant than we previously thought. July 22 Lily gets stung by a Bark Scorpion. The Doctors in the ER talk of her needing anti- venum and having to send her to a Children's hospital across the valley in an ambluance. We have no insurance. A dose of morphine and a Priesthood blessing later and she is sent home. (4 hours later) Half an hour after she got stung Seth's Mom and sister fly into the Phoenix airport to help his other sister. She is having surgery the next day while we watch her 1 year old son.
Lily remains in pain over the next several days and doesn't sleep well for over a month. She wakes up often screaming in fear of scorpions.
July 30th- Lily and I fly out to Charlotte to visit my parents and siblings. Seth flies to bakersfield- where he meets his grandparents and flies with them to a funeral in Salt Lake.
August 11th- Lily turns 2. Seth starts his job at TLC after being unemployed for almost 2 months.
August 20(ish) Seth spends the weekend at a Bachelor party in Orange County for our close friend Mike.
September 3- we find out that somehow Lily did not qualify for medicaid which leaves us with the entire hospital bill. We were blessed to find out the hospital paid most of the bill through their financial aid program.
September 24- We find out we are having a baby girl.
September 25- I fall down a flight of stairs and break 2 bones in my foot. In the emergency room I am told I won't be able to put pressure on it for 6 weeks.
September 28- I find out the break isn't as bad as previously thought and that I will be in a walking boot and soft cast for 4 weeks (that weekend was one of my hardest emotionally.. 4 months prego on crutches and my leg was swelling into the cast sending shooting pain through my leg, which would only go away if i hobbled around the house )
October 5 -I find out that I have tendonitis in my other foot from the combination of a broken foot and my growing belly. I cannot take the needed medication for this because I am pregnant, so it just gets worse. By week end of week 4 it is not healed, so the doctor has me take the boot off one foot and put it on the other.
October 20 -Seth is the best man in our friend Mikes wedding. We spend the weekend in Orange County. I get lots of funny looks and questions since I am quite pregnant and have a huge black boot on my foot. The wedding was beautiful and the couple is very happy.
Things slowed down as much as possible through the holidays. I got bigger and bigger.
Thanksgiving was spent in St George with my aunt Di and my aunt Pat. We took a day trip up to Provo to meet with our friends Jacko and Jason (Jacko now has a baby 6 weeks younger than Mayan so it was fun to be pregnant together) Christmas was spent at our house and then at Seth's sister's house in tuscon.
January and the beginning of February were spent waiting... and waiting... and waiting.. for Mayan to arrive. My parents came in the end of January in order to be here when Mayan arrived. They spent much of their time in Blythe and LA while we waited.
Several false alarms later and Mayan finally came the day before her due date. February 9th.
February 15 (the day after my birthday I went to the ER with some severe pains in both hips. I spent 9 hours in the hospital only to be told it was probably a bladder infection...
February 16 we find out Mayan has RSV. The doctor decides to let us monitor her at home instead of sending her to the hospital. He sends her home on a sleep apnea monitor. She recovers in about a week.
February 21 was Mayan's baby blessing.
March Seth's parents come to meet Mayan. Seth's dad spends much of his time installing our backyard. (thanks so much Bryant)
Middle of March we are released from our primary calling and Seth is called as Scout Master for the deacons.
March 17-I wake up to the downstairs phone ringing at 5 am. Seth is in a pretty serious accident. The car is totalled, but again we are blessed to find out Seth is just sore and bruised.
Early April we get a new corolla (we figure it saved Seth's life in the accident we're sticking with it)
Mid April- we decided on a friday morning that after Seth got off work we were going to hop in the car and head west. We got to Yorba Linda at about 2 am and stayed with Mike and Wendy (the friends that got married in october.) We spent Saturday at the beach and got to spend some time with my brother Aaron and his wife Jamie.
April 30- Seth goes to a landscaping convention -with his company-in Vegas for the weekend.
May 14 Seth goes on a campout with his Scouts.
May 18th I fly out to Charlotte with both girls without Seth. I get to see all of my siblings except one. All 21 of my parents grandchildren were together. It was wonderful. While I was in Charlotte with the girls Seth was in Houston helping his parents install their garden.
Somewhere between the time we moved into this house and when Mayan was born we had a total of 21 people (and 4 dogs) staying with us at various times for various amounts of time, many of them multiple times.
Now we are preparing for another crazy anniversary. Seth will be at scout camp for the actual anniversary so we are hoping to get a date the weekend before the actual day.
As I reflect on this last year I see ALOT of trials, but I also see the amount we were allowed to grow through these trials. We are so blessed to have made it through so many trials as a family and we are much stronger because of them. Here's to another year (hopefully this one is a little calmer)


Ashley said...

Whew - what a year :) It's fun to take a look back and see what's happened and how you handle it all. I was thinking about doing a summer newsletter instead of a Christmas one this year - now I really want to!

pat said...

First, I have to say you are very good at keeping track of things (journal?) And second- WOW! I knew of each of these events as they happened, but to see it spelled out like this, it sounds like the year was very eventful and full of adventure. Glad you are survivors- love ya.

lindsey said...

Pat- I actually am bad about journaling, but have a good memory for dates and I will admit I used my calendar to figure a few out.

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